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You are not coming to work on time. / The time we expect you to arrive is 9 a.m.
The air conditioner wasn’t tune off last night. / Is there a reason the air conditioner was left on last night.
Please accept my apology for the error.
I had nothing to do with this.
I’m not authorized to make this kind of decision.
I wasn’t told the business plans needed to be finalized by Tuesday.
I can’t admit responsibility for this sine this is Judy’s report.
Marking has been holding us back on this project.
I really do appreciate your giving me a few minutes of your time.
I am glad you could stop by.

Who’s going to be able to resist that?
It’s available to distribute on request.
It’s possible, Bill, but it’s going to cost.
We can handle it for sixty-five present of gross.
I was thinking more along the lines of thirty present.
and so forth
You’ve got a warehouse full of steal coffee crystals.
But since we’re friends, I’ll do it for sixty present of gross.
We do an analysis of expected revenue against actual.

They rank No. 4 in number of stores.
The tone of the meeting was cordial as I had previously met Liz at food marketing trade show.
airy / relaxed 輕鬆的     /  enthusiastic 熱烈的;熱情的  / informative 資訊豐富的   / positive 正面的
chilly 冷淡的;不友善的 /   problematic 問題不斷的             / subdued 乏味的;沉悶的       / tense 緊張的;緊繃的
The meeting was tense due to their claim that we are in breach of the contract.

My thought is that we would do well to take her up on her offer.
我的想法是, 我們接受他的提議會有不錯的結果。
The market will only become more saturated and we need to expend our presence.
I ran through our fabric samples andnoted their preferences.
I went into our two-day training package,which delighted Paul and his team.
I briefed her on the contract’stermination policy and she relaxed a bit.
I gave Lori a rundown on next year’sbusiness plan.
It would be in our interest to discuss this with our lawyers and then schedule another meeting.
I’m under the impression that they need more time and will not be making a decision before July.
我提議: ;    籌備
I advise that we put together a runway show for Marge’s team to see the clothingon models.
I hope we’ll consider adding an extra ten percent to the estimate as cushion.

There’s no time like the present to build your selling power.
Motivate your buyers by teaching them how to use your product.
Engage your clients and they build confidence in the product.

There’s no time like the present to build your selling power.
Maybe your message isn’t compellingenough.
Motivateyour buyers by teaching them how to use your product. (藉由教你的買家..)
Engage yourclients and they build confidence in the product. ([吸引];讓客戶參與其中..)

You can turn a seeminglymeaningless conversation to your advantage.(你可以把看似無意義的對話轉為自己的優勢)
Buyers are more likely toplease an order with someone they trust.
Writing down a client’spreference for whiskey might come in handy when time for holiday giftgiving. (派上用場)
You can be proactivein suggesting new products or services that might be of interest to theclient.(主動)
Quotas really do matter ifyou want to keep your job.

He’s away from his disk.
He’s not available at the moment.
She’s out of the office for a few days.
She’s in a meeting and can’t be disturbed.

I’m calling in hopes of liningup an interview with your CEO. (安排)
We’re a little short onstaff now. (人手不足)

Resulting in laws and enforcementbeing strengthened in this area.(因而強化法律及執行力)
On the agenda is also anaction plan to reduce IPR theft at schools and over the Internet.
Taiwan’s efforts extend toimproved customs endeavors to inhibit the import and export of goods breaching IPRs.
The penalty for breaching the nosmoking rule is a $2,500 fine.

Do you validate parking?
The restaurant provides parking validation.

Do you see the sign thatreads “Customer Relations” near the elevators over there?

Yet for some, this could may have a silver lining.
對某些人而言,這卻可能是個希望。(銀線),(烏雲周圍的白光 )
appear to be shaking off the gloom.
The Wii Fitwas released in May at the New York flagship store at full retail priceand ten days later was available discounted through online retails.

Mudslides often occur after a severe downpour.

For obvious reasons, a recession forces consumers to to become far more aggressive insearching for deals.  
As many of today’s shoppers came of age with the internet.
Some experts see a natural shift inspending habits from traditional brick-and-mortarsales to online shopping.

Estimates show that 2008 online holidaysales in the U.S. grew to US$32 billion, up ten present from 2007.

If you look at total retail sales, annualgrowth is in the low single digits.

However, the on line channel has beengrowing in recent years by around twenty percent.
I’m delighted so many of you were able to join us today.

We have little to no competition in this arena, so we expect our total market share toincrease to about twenty-seven percent when it’s launched.
I’ll pause here and take any questions orcomments you may have thus far.(到目前為止)


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