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P.10- MP3-01
I'll try to get eight hours of sleep every night.
I want to lose five kilograms.
This year, I'll get a health check.
I'll eat vegetables at every meal.
I'm going to start jogging.
I want to make some new friends.
I'll try to be nicer to everyone.
I should spend more time with my family.
I hope I can fight lesss with my sister.
I'll learn to say no.
This year, I want to save NT$50,000
I'll make some investments.
I want to spend less money on clothes this year.
I'll keep track of how much I spend each day.
I should stop buying things I don't need.
Hobbies and Habits
I want to read a book a week.
I'd like to travel abroad twice this year.
It's time to quit smoking.
I'll stop watching so much TV.
I should keepa diary.
I want to learn Japaness.
I hope I can improve my English speaking.

P.14-(02). MP3-03
Tammy passes a birthday card to David.
Tammy: Here, sign this. You can also write something sweet if you want.
David: Who is it for?
Tammy: It's for Roger. We're going to his birthday party tomorrow. Do you remember?
David: Oh, this 's right. We got the invitation a month ago, so I forgot.
Tammy: It's a good thing that I remembered.
             I already bought him a present, too. See?

P.22-(09). MP3-15
It’s getting more and more popular to bebecome vegan.
Why are so many people doing it?
They might want to save animals from harm.
They might want to help save the planet.
They might also just do it for their health.
Most people think that vegans always eat healthily.
They can’t have food that comes from animals,
So they probably just eat fruit and vegetables.
However, that’s not true at all.
You can find vegan doughnuts, pizza, and other junk food.
Vegans can eat just as badly as everyone else.

(10). MP3-17
You don’t have to stay away from your favorite foods if you becomevegan.
You can find all kinds of things with no animal products.
Many fast food restaurants now have bean burgers or fake fried ­chicken.
You can also order some French fries with them.
They’re usually vegan. Then if you want something sweet, you can trytofu ice cream.
So, if you want to become vegan and you love junk food, don’t worry.
You can be vegan and still have junk food.
Just don’t eat too much.

(11). MP3-19
Brer Fox did not like Brer Rabbit at all.
That was because Brer Rabbit always acted like he was smarterthan everyone.
So one day, Brer Fox thought of a plan tocaught Brer Rabbit.
Brer Fox heated up a pot of tar. When itwas sticky enough, he shaped the tar into a baby.
He put a hat and a coat on it.
Then he put it beside the road.
Soon, Bere Fox saw Bere Rabbit hopping downthe road.
He hid behind some bushes and waited.

(12). MP3-21
When Brer Rabbit saw the tar baby, he saidhello.
The tar baby, however, said nothing.
Then Brer Rabbit said good morning.
Still, the tar baby said nothing.
Brer Rabbit thought that this was rude.
He got mad, and he kicked the sticky tar.
This made him madder, so he hit the tarbaby.
His hand got stuck, too.
Just then, Brer Fox came out ofthe bushed.
He was very happy. His plan worked.
Brer Rabbit could not get away.

(13). MP3-23
Brer Fox wondered what to do with Brer Rabbit.
He could eat him or throw him in the lake.
Then, Brer Rabbit said, “Please don’t throwme in the briar patch!”
Throwing Brer Rabbit into the briar patchsounded good to Brer Fox.
It would hurt. So, He picked Brer Rabbit upand threw him in.
Brer Rabbit didn’t yell or cry.
He just hopped right out of the briarpatch.
“Brer Fox, you’re so dumb,” he said.
“ I was born in a briar patch. They don’thurt me.”
Then Brer Rabbit hopped away.


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