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BIZ-03 P.17~20 ,Track 6~9

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P.17 ,Track 6,Conversation APresale Preparations Nancy and Jason, two employees at InBiz Corporation, are discussing an upcoming sales meeting with their client, Kim. They are discussing their pricing strategy. Nancy: Hi, Jason. How are you? Nancy: Actually, I was hoping we could discuss the pricing for the smartphone right now. I don’t want to be caught unprepared. Jason: That’s a good idea. We don’t want Kim to think we aren’tup-to-date on our company’s latest products. Nancy: Exactly. Let’s see, we know that we need to charge morethan the production costs if we want to make a profit. (沒錯!) Jason: Yes, and the more products Kim orders, the better deal she willget. Nancy: So, how about asking two hundred dollars each if she orderstwenty-five thousand or more? Jason: The price sounds good, but what if she doesn’t need that many? Nancy: She might not. But she should know that buying in bulk alwaysmakes better economic sense. Jason: Let’s hope so. But if not, we can offer her a smaller quantityat the full unit price. (以原價購買較少的數量) Nancy: I agree. That’s the only way we can cover our costs and still comeout ahead. (有利可圖) Jason: well, I think we are ready for our meeting. How about you? Nancy: I’ll be ready after I get an iced coffee. I’ll be right back. Jason: Can you get one for me, too? After all, you did say that it makesmore   sense to buy in bulk. P.18 ,Track 7,Conversation BInquiring About products and pricesKim Kramer, Nancy and Jason’s client, arrives at the office.R.= Receptionist R.: Hello. How may I help you today? Kim: Hi. I am Kim Kramer. I have a meeting with Nancy Johnson and JasonLang at ten-thirty. R.: I will let them know that you are here. Hello, Nancy. Ms. Kramer ishere to see you. Ok, I’ll do that. Nancy said they are ready to meet with youin the conference room. Right this way.(這邊請) Nancy: Hello, Kim, It’s nice to see you again. Please have a seat. Howhave you been doing?(最近好嗎?) Kim: Pretty good. Business has been picking up recently. (最近生意很不錯) Jason : That’s great. I underestand the last batch of PDAs you orderedfrom us is selling well. Kim: Yes, they’re flying off the shelves.(幾乎是銷售一空) But, as we discussed on the phone, mobile phones that do everythingare the next big thing, so we are looking for something really snazzy. Nancy: As you already know, our latest smart phone incorporates a PDA ina cell phone. There’s a four inch LCD screen and build-in camera on top of theusual functions, and they’re web-enabled. Kim: Yes, we were very impressed with the samples you send over lastmonth. Perhaps we could make a deal. Jason: We are able to offer you twenty five thousand units at twohundered dollars each. Kim: I was thinking about buying two or three – you know, as gifts formy family. Nancy: What? Kim: No, just kidding. We’re thinking of a half-container, (半個貨櫃) I suppose.(考慮) Jason: For a half-container, or ten thousand units, we’ll have to chargetwo hundred fifty dollors each. Kim: That’s a bit steep. Perhaps you could try to sweeten the deal forme? P.19 ,Track 8, Conversation CNegotiating the orderJason and Nancy try to close the deal with Kim. Jason: Let’s try to be creative here. (我們來想些點子吧!) You mentioned that the PDAs are selling well, right? Kim: Yes, that’s right. What are you getting at? (沒錯,你的意思是…?)Jason: Maybe we could sell an additional ten thousand of these PDAsalong with the smart phones? Nancy: Yes, and if you could book a future order of the smart phonesthen we ‘d have some room to bring down the price. Kim: How about this: we order ten thousand smart phones at two hundereddollors each, place an order for five thousand more to be delivered this fall,and buy five thousand PDAs now – ten persent less than our previous order. Jason: You driver a hard bargain. (你真是一點虧都不吃阿!) (協議,買賣)Nancy: Could you pay NET ten? Kim: For an additional two present discount I could. Jason: If you agree, then we could have a quotation drawn up while we goget a bite to eat. (便餐) Kim: It’s a deal. Nancy: I’m sure that you won’t have any problems selling our products. Kim: I hope not. Or I’ll be sitting on a pile of smart phones andPDAs for a long time. P.20 ,Track 9,Conversation DWrapping upKim prepares to leave after agreeing to a deal with Jason and Nancy. Jason: It was really good seeing you. I hope that we can do morebusiness in the future. Kim: If your smart phones sell as well as your PDAs, then I think there’sa good chance I’ll return soon. Nancy: Here you go kim. (這給你)Itlooks like everything’s in order.(就緒)                              看來似乎一切沒問題!Kim: Let’s see here.. Yes, this looks good. Jason: Once we receive your purchase order, we’ll confirm the deliverydates for your smart phones and PDAs. Kim: I’d berrter get going. I’ve got another appointment this afternoon. Jason: Really? Do you have plans for this evening. Kim: Actually, I don’t. Nancy: Maybe we could meet later. Jason and I could show you some of thecity’s nightlife. Jason : That’s a great idea. What do you say, Kim? Would you like to goout and celebrate our business deal? Kim: That sounds wonderful. Where and when should we meet? Nancy: We could have a car pick you up around eight o’clock at your hotel. Jason : Actually, Nancy, Kim’s the one saving all the money..maybe sheshould send a car for us! Just kidding. You know we always enjoy doing business with you!
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