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Dear Kevin,This is Tony, a sales manager from Foxconn in Taiwan.We are the optical fingerprint sensor provider. I got your information from Sony and I am going to deliver a demo board to you.Could I confirm your information with you as below:XXXXXThanks for taking time reading this mail.
Please inform me any time if there is aproblem regarding to your information.

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Hello Sir,

It has been awhile since we last spoke, and I hope you are doing great.

As ABC’s GPS trackers are often used in anti-theft and security applications, we at times come across various technologies in this field.
Recently we have become aware of the company EFG who is based in Taiwan and develops fingerprint solutions.

I thought to share attached pdf with you as it might be of interest to ABC, and make an introduction to Tony who represents ABC.
You can contact Tony directly if you think there is a potential fit.

Best regards,

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