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BIZ 63 P.53 ,Track 20

Good afternoon, ladiesand gentlemen. I’m Thomas Crown, Chief Communications Officer for ManateeComputer Mechanics. I’m delighted so many of you were able to join us today.Exciting things are going on and I’m going to show them to you.But first, I’ll give you a little background on Manatee computerMechanics. Manatee was found in 1989 by Nadi Denarau, from the Fiji island of Mana,and Niko Teedopolopolus, or “Mr. Tee” as he’s known around here. Mana-Tee. The popular reader software, Tonto, was developed by Manatee in 1922. Then came Skimmer, which became the benchmark for theme-item Websearches.Let’s not leave out the Manatee computer hardware.The Manatee Mark IV is still the best selling mini desktop computer onthe market today. The list of Manatee’s achievements is much to extensive toitemize here,but you will find it all in the brochure each of you received as youcame in.We’re not too proud to toot our own horn. 觸鬚: 自吹自擂 Next month, Manatee will introduce a new concept in computing: a dual-screen laptop with a dual-core CPU. This exciting innovation iscalledthe Gerbil and features twoside-by-side, fifteen-inch XGA touch screen.We have little to nocompetition in this arena, 領域 so we expect our totalmarket share to increase to about twenty-seven preaent when it’s launched. I’ll pause here and take any questions or comments you may have thus far.
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